Welcome to Three Ninjas, the solitaire game from Crystal Ninja!


There are 3 colours (Black, Pink and White) and 8 ranks (1-7 and N). The goal of each game is to put all cards in order of increasing rank in their respective colour receptacles.

You can stack cards on top of each other, but only in order of stepwise decreasing rank and alternating colour.

Additionally, you have 8 cards in your 'reservoir'. You can click the button next to it to cycle through them, and you can pull them out into the playing field.

Good luck!

Special thanks to Jack from the Milkbar Lads for exporting this to web for me. Their games are even cooler than mine, go check them out.


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Simple and fun.  Thanks.  I'll also check out Jack from the Milkbar Lads sometime. 

Never heard of ninja solitaire.  I'll play it.