made in 1 hour for the blind jam

navigate a maze using only one sound

if there's a wall above you, you will hear 1 beep a second

if there's a wall to your left, you will hear 1.5 beeps a second

if there's a wall above you, you will hear 2.5 beeps a second

if there's a wall to your right, you will hear 3.5 beeps a second

if you're near the goal, you will hear a higher beep

when you finish a level, you hear a jingle

that's it

good luck

PS this is just a test to see how simple a game can get - with no graphics and 1 singular sound


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I think it would be much more intuitive to play if 4 different sounds with different timbres were used, like the railway puzzle in Myst. Or at least using different lengths and pitches of beeps. The beeps blend into spaghetti when you near a corner, and it's much harder to internalize a metronome tempo than a pitch or rhythmic cadence. It's a nice concept though, and I liked the beeps fading in when nearing walls.

I agree. I think different pitches would be really helpful because it's hard to determine the speeds when there's an overlap. Otherwise, super neat!

I understand that it's incredibly difficult to complete more than the first two levels, tbh this was just a test to see just how simple a game can get.

Ah, in that case you might enjoy Bit Jam.

i loved it took me about a minute i just presse random arrow keys


I really liked this! Its a great concept, and does what it says on the box really well! 

This is great! I thought I'd struggle with all the explanation but it works really well and is easy to get the hang of once you're playing.

Good job! :-)