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FLOOD: The Crystal Ninja is being updates into a full game!

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What's this?

Welcome to the Cozy Cove™! Here, you can chill out, play some games with your buddies, or... walk into the CHAMBER OF DEATH!!!

That's right! Escape the approaching Wall of Shame by grappling yourself upwards! Dodge the maces and spikes and try to collect as many crystals as you can! You're the Crystal Ninja, after all.

But wait, there's a twist... wasn't I here already..? That's the doorway where I came in! DÉJÀ VU! You're just walking in circles... or loops.


← / A - Move left

→ / D - Move right

Spacebar - Shoot a hook

Yep, that's it! 3 buttons only!

Wow, 8 jams! A new personal record!

FLOOD: The Crystal Ninja was made for 8 jams simultaneously:

  • GM48 #31 (Game page)
  • The RNJam
  • GamesPlusJam 2
  • Weekly Game Jam 106
  • 48 Secret Jam - July 2019 (except unfortunately I didn't upload it there on time)
  • Summer Slow Jams July 2019 - 3 colors, 3 buttons
  • DevSquad Summer Jam
  • Dusty Old Junk

And yes, I have followed all of the themes.

Crystal Ninja: Origins

FLOOD: The Crystal Ninja is actually based off of a game that I invented as a kid, Crystal Ninja. It was originally supposed to be a level-based skill platformer, and the crystals were teal. However, one of the levels was also called Wambas-Cambas so I think I made a change for the better.

The Music

You can check out the music I made for this game, along with other games, in my album titled "890" (creative name, I know). It was made using FamiTracker, a nice little tool used to make music for the NES.


Pretty everything was made by me. The only exceptions are the fonts. I don't remember all, but I think I used:

  • 6x6 pixel font
  • Arial
  • Arial Black
  • And some other pre-installed fonts.


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Watch Game Jam Feedback 2019-08-02 from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

Hard, but I love it!
Graphics look nice and I liked the music, very catchy.


Awesome game


Dude. The graphics. It's a pleasure to look at this game!

Thanks! I also think 3-color palettes are awesome. I'm trying to add more palettes so you can swap them in-game.