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You've heard of RNG...

Now, take that to the absolute extreme.

What if the player controller not the character, but the ground?

What if gravity pointed up?

Game.Randomize(); does that, and a TON more.

Randomized roles. Randomized gravity, jump height and movement speed. Randomized controls. Randomized window size. Randomized music.

Randomized everything.

Game.Randomize(); was made for the 2020 GMTK game jam, with the theme "Out of control". Apart from using RNG and therefore being beyond my (the developer's) control, it soon begins to feel as if the game got out of control to the extent that the result is unplayable.

I'll put in a small epilepsy warning here...

because ya never know what can happen with this game. There will be a few flashing lights.

Controls and gravity don't reset when you win, so you'll have to quit and come back again (the game saves automatically). Sorry about that. I made the camera/window reset, but for some reason forgot everything else.


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