0.2 Post-mortem

As my first Post-mortem update, I fixed several bugs:

-The compass now no longer points toward inhabited planets.

-New highscore text appears for a longer amount of time.

-I replaced my music with misotanni's.

-I made the player flip when going left so it looked more natural.

Now, for the postmortem part!

I had sort of a tail-start (opposite of a head-start), I started 16 hours into the jam. However, I already decided on a good idea and was ready to implement it. Everything went smooth from start to finish. Maybe the sprites were a bit bad, but that's just my overall bad pixel-art skills. I used the font Oxygene 1 because the letters in lowercase showed strange symbols and I found it perfectly suited the theme of outer space and uninhabited planets. I also used my knowledge of Paint.net's Effects to make a nice, neon style, glowing logo. Sounds were mostly recorded or made with BFXR.

I'd say that this game turned out really well! I love making these arcade games.


iim-game-2.zip 34 MB
Aug 13, 2018

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