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Hello, {test_subject_5883}. You will be helping us test our new piece of technology, the InnoBall™. Try to shoot the InnoBall™ into the corresponding recepticle in each test. Use other elements of the test, such as boxes, buttons, anti- or no-gravity fields, to progress. Welcome... to Project SPHERA.



WASD / Arrow keys - move crosshair

Spacebar - Shoot

Enter - Pause / unpause

Shift - Step

R - restart

Escape - Exit


Left click - everything

How to play

Basically, just set the desired angle and force of your shot (the further away the more force your shot has) in order to get the ball into the receptor.

FYI In the credits, it says this game was also made for LOWREZJAM, however I didn't realize that it requires the games to be 64x64, not 128x128, so I removed the submission.


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and I think you understood that it was a big mistake to do what you had done. i didn't say that it was a bad game. it just not nice to publish on other jam to get views and downloads, it just give you a guy like me.

The only single exception was the lowrezjam, because I completely forgot that it was 128x128 and not 64x64. I don't care about views, in fact, I just wanted to give myself a greater challenge, that's all. And yes, the original idea came from GMTK Jam, that was the main jam I wanted to make my game for. I've decided to give the player only one shot with the ball. In my opinion, it's a pretty good interpretation.

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"I followed all the themes: "only one" (GMTK), "sci-fi" (Erstel), and "underground" (Jelly)"
and LOWREZJAM ? 64*64 ?

you respected Jelly's game jam and Erstel theme but not in LOWREZJAM and… only one ???

only one ball ? not soooo great.

Well actually the Erstel jam theme wasn't respected due to the crap ton of credits at the end.

Hey, you did the FLOOD game for the gamesplusjam! I really liked the art style you had. Just wondering, is there a download link anywhere? Unless I'm completely blind.

(if you did forget the download, I've done this too for Ludum Dare lol)


Okay, so apparently I accidentally clicked "hide this file and prevent it from being downloaded". Sorry about that.

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i'm not rude, i just hate people publishing FAKE jam's game
and i hate people lying 2 times either


Fake jam games? What do you mean? I followed all the themes: "only one" (GMTK), "sci-fi" (Erstel), and "underground" (Jelly). If you were paying any attention, you might have noticed that I have already made 3 other games for multiple jams at once.

I'm not a liar, i just hate people falsely accusing me of stealing/lying/making fake jam games, when I'm a quite experienced developer who devoted an entire weekend to fairly making a good game and publishing it for everyone.

And I hate people using bad english either


and you made it for Jelly's Game Jam, not GMTK's game Jam, liar...

I made it for all 4, but for some reason it only shows Jelly's Game Jam on the top. You can see the remaining jams on the left. No need to be rude.


so… why there is the same background and same aesthetic as the Jelly's Game Jam ?

Because he put someone else's artwork in his jam, and made the background based on that, because I thought it was cool. That's the only part that has anything to do with his jam. Seriously. Did you even play the game?

and you haven't seen "64 by 64".

Are you sure you were really taking part of the LOWREZJAM ?

but thank, you removed it.

Please, remove your submission to LOWREZJAM or change everything in 64 pixels by 64 pixels to fill in the theme. thank you in advance

😳 I thought it was 128x128. Sorry.


When did you start work on this game? It seems very good


I made it for the GMTK Game Jam, so I started on Friday 9PM and finished on Sunday 9PM. I barely made it in time.


Ah, Ok. I thought you started this one before our jam started, but your fine. We have no rules about using a game from another jam, so you're fine. Thank You!