A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made in 3 hours (and a few minutes) for:

  • Mini Jam 35
  • GBJAM 7
  • Trijam #33
  • Viking Jam
  • Exploration (yes, there is such a jam)

Skåd is a cute,  Gameboy-styled precursor to Kråmening, a huge project that will be released in a few years. You can check out the game's website for more info:


Hop around the mountain to get to the top, or try to find the secret message. You only need 3 buttons:

Left / A / Numpad 4 - Move left

Right / D / Numpad 6 - Move right

Up / W / Space / Enter / Numpad 8 / Numpad 5 - Shoot hook

Install instructions

Just unzip the zip file wherever you want and run the executable inside.


skad.zip 2 MB


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Deleted 60 days ago

Thanks! I made the music in FamiTracker, a program used to make music for the NES.