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You should probably name the main executable to game.elf or game.x86_64, took me a while to realize it was .unx


Ah, I don't know how Ubuntu works and just uploaded what GM gave me. I'll rename it now.


Can you add a mac download?


As soon as one of my friends with a Mac decide to respond to my messages, yeah.

I've got a mac. Want to be friends?

That would require me to trust you with my games' source code, which I don't, unfortunately. Not with strangers that I've only just met.

i understand ):

I was trying to play this through without the powerups (like it said to do at the end), and unfortunately, the stage I'm stuck on appears to be impossible? (The long spike jump has too low of a ceiling to be able to clear)

this used to be possible (but precise) with the lower jump height, im guessing the next update is gonna make it possible


Yep, I just fixed that jump

proof that simplicity is amazing. Great art and mechanics.


oeuvre means "great artwork" in French

Yeah, I checked it... but I kept the description because it sounds funnier imo

great game! i wish i had played this during the jam! you knocked it out the park! great job and congratulations on getting #1

Man, this game is WAY to hard!

If you're talking about the death limits, yeah, I must agree. I will lower them in the postjam version.

But if you're talking about the main game... well, the whole point is that there are accessibility features, no?


No, I mean that the levels are too hard. it's frustrating if you have to die to complete the level. I am not shure but maybe give the player the ability (when they die) to decide to waste on of the level's max deaths and gain the level-only ability OR just respawn.

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Hm, actually dieing to complete the level was the verry good game and nice visuals man ;)