Early 1980's. Video games are only starting to develop 3D technology. And one game tried something different...

In 23D, you view a 3D platformer from two 2D cameras, showing the XY (left/right and up/down) and ZY (forward/backward and up/down) planes. You'll need to view the world differently to solve the few puzzles in this demo.

Made entirely by 89o in 48 hours for the Mix and Game Jam 2020 (3 of the sounds were made previously for a different game). Hopefully I'll continue this project soon.


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When you don't get the concept:
c o n f u s e d  b u t  a m a z e d



Very impressive. I love this concept and you did a great job executing it! If you continue this project, I think a good addition would be adding more color to the "ground" blocks to help the player visually distinguish the layers. You could also add small landmark aesthetic pieces to give the same effect. Maybe a 3x3x3 statue that the player sees cross-sections of while traversing the different dimensions. This is the first game of yours I've played, but judging by the quality of this one I think I'll have to check out the rest of your catalog. :)

Please do! I have a lot to offer. :)

Yes, I'd have a lot of plans regarding a new version, including tons more tile variation and unique tiles and so on. Thank you for playing!