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The 6-digit computer is a programming game in an alternate past. You, Deam Mead, just got hired at Farworks as a programmer for their new operating system, HTaeD / O6. However, it's not as simple as you might think! The computer operates on bijective senary, which means that it only has the digits 1-6. So 7 becomes 11, 24 becomes 36 and so on. (Please make sure that all of the numbers displayed in the Features below are in bijective senary).


-56 increasingly challenging tasks!

-User-friendly programming system!

-16 devilish (literally) Elite Tasks for those who want a real programming challenge!

-3 different endings!

-Unique artstyle!

-And a dark secret...


Drag and drop commands with your mouse, or hover over command places and press the respective hotkeys. Overall, you mainly need to use your mouse.

Listen to the OST here: https://89odev.bandcamp.com/album/minnisodas-technical-revelations

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPaint.net, Audacity, GameMaker: Studio
TagsBitsy, computer, os, programming, zachlike
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, Interactive tutorial
LinksHomepage, Blog


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You get an achievement for getting a score of at least 344 in hexablocks, but the minimum score I was able to get was 463. This guarantees you will get the achievement on your first game, but why 344?

Well... I honestly have no idea what I was thinking. I think I should have written at least 1133 points. Old game, me was stupid.

I really enjoy this game! Howeve I seem to noticed that some achievements won't save, is that correct?

That shouldn't be correct, but probably expected given I made this some 3 years ago. I don't have the project files anymore so I won't fix it. It honestly surprises me that people still care about this game, it even got a popularity boost recently, I don't know why. Thanks for playing it!

It was given for free recently, that usually spikes some interest. Also, from a gamplay perspective, you gamefy coding in ASM, THAT'S NOTHING LESS OF A FEATURE!

wouldn't 6 be written as 10 in senary? why the change?


In nomal senary, yes. However, this is bijective senary, which means there's no zero. Instead of the digits 0-5, you have 1-6 (plus theta to represent null but that only comes in at the elite tasks). So instead of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, etc. you have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, etc.

It's weird but that's just how I invented this game I guess. It's an oldie.

I see, I briefly looked up what bijective meant but couldn't find it. That's cool, thanks for explaining!



I'm having trouble optimizing puzzle ID_312564 (Double the digit of the number) in the limit of 5 commands. Would you be able to give me a hint, please?

You've probably realized that adding 6 [SAVE] times adds too much. Try adding [SAVE] instead.

If you're completely stuck, check out this handy tutorial by misotanni:

FYI This is a rather old and discontinued game, so I'm happy to hear there are still people interested in it!

Will this game be available on Steam in the near future?

No, I don't think we will be releasing games on Steam yet. I will think about this though and perhaps our next game will be on Steam.

Update: We will be now making Mordent, which wil be only on itch.io, but our next-er game, CYBERDRIVE, will be on itch.io and on Steam.

Update: Cyberdrive will probably never exist. I think that my first game on Steam will be in about 3-4 years, because my dad (maybe rightfully) thinks that all the tax and banking stuff is too complicated.