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This is the Ballance Resourcepack², a pack of resource packs. I might update this in the future.

Packs currently included:

  • Ballance Enhanced: Minor changes (mostly hue, black+white, etc.) to the original textures.
  • New Ballance: Some textures radically changed to new ones, but generally still grounded.
  • Ballance Wasteland: A new, corrupt landscape. Also changes most sounds.
  • Ballance Funny: I AM BANANA
  • Minecraft: Self-explanatory. Textures and sounds taken straight from Minecraft. Text can be a bit finnicky, and currently only the level 1 skybox is changed.
  • Ballance Crappy: Hand-drawn, crappier versions of each texture, and mouth-recorded sound effects.
  • Ballance Randomized: Every texture (including skyboxes) is randomly given a new application. Same for sounds. Python script included to recreate the chaos at home.
  • i dont know what to do: Every texture and sound replaced with i dont know what to do.

Plans for resourcepacks:

  • Ballance Industrial: replacing stone with metal, paper ball with blueprint ball, etc.
  • Googlance: Every Ballance image is the first Google images search result for the name of that texture.

How to install:

First of all, backup your original Ballance resources. Then, copy and replace the Textures/Sounds folder with the one in the RP that you want to use. (It is recommended to delete "_marker_" and "atari.some video file format that I can't remember" because some of the RPs change the Atari logo.)


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Enhanced.zip 10 MB
New.zip 6 MB
Wasteland.zip 70 MB
Funny.zip 46 MB
Minecraft.zip 78 MB
Crappy.zip 36 MB
Randomized.zip 54 MB
Idkwtd.zip 8 MB
randomize.py 1 kB


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Great to see some love for this game!