A downloadable resourcepack

This is MCAlpha, a resource pack for Minecraft made to look like Alpha. Features include:

  • The original green grass
  • The original green leaves
  • The original cobblestone
  • All wood is the same (except nether variants)
  • The original Classic colors
  • The original water and lava
  • The original mineral blocks
  • Unused features given new life (rubies, cyan flowers, original stonecutter, angry villager particle)
  • "Alpha-ified" new textures (loom, smithing table, grindstone, new nether blocks, piglins, honey blocks)
  • Old sounds (door opening/closing, bow firing, arrow landing, splash)

There's also a datapack ("AlphaPack"), which adds several old crafting recipes and the original Achievements.


MCAlpha_1.16.5.zip 10 MB
AlphaPack.zip 23 kB


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This is actually pretty cool!