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"Where vision fails, rational thinking prevails."
- Franklin 'quantum42' Deysser
From the Nocturnion Codex

A realm. A land. A kingdom. Once blooming with life and visitors. Now, not much more than a wasteland. A desolate prison for those unlucky enough to still be trapped inside. You, one of those prisoners. Your fate, unknown. Undecided.

Move with WASD or arrow keys, turn camera with mouse, jump with space, run with shift. That's all you need to know.

Play on Normal/Deaf Mode, where vision is your only guide, or take on the challenge of Blind Mode, where all is black and you can only hear subtle sounds telling you where you are. Oh, and try to find the 7 sleeping Shaqs scattered throughout the map.

Made by 89o
Music and SFX by Daen 
Original idea by misotanni
Thanks to SpacefaceDEV for Unity help
Made for BlindJam in 1 month


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Nocturnion_Ubuntu.zip 44 MB


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I felt lost. Great game.