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You're going home after a long day of work... you arrive at your building, but wait! What's your PIN number? Was it 6... 5....   gosh darn it, you forgot it again! And you forgot your phone on the same day, so you can't call for help! What a tragedy! Seems like you'll have to look for help in the PIN machine itself...

This is essentially a Pony Island clone which takes the theme (The Game is a Liar), these "hacking" games and 4th wall breaking to a whole new level. Pleeeease play it if you can; it's much better to experience it all yourself.

I spent a total of 5 days making this game, with 2 days designing and prepping. P.I.N. was made for the 2019 Community Game Jam.

I (89o) made everything myself, EXCEPT:

(I made the fonts Pixl and Hyperbits earlier in my life)

NOTE: For some reason Robert keeps saying the same thing sometimes. If that happens to you, just restart the game and it should work. I have no idea what causes this - it worked every time for me.

NOTE 2: You can see the password to Zach Roic's account all the time.

NOTE 3: You can type in the textboxes.


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what do you mean that you can see zacs password the whole time

It's scraped onto the panel in the bottom-right corner.


*spoiler* warning just in case..

Start game, guy says "it must start with a 6", get correct answer, game closes. :/ - could have chosen a more complex pin lol (or am I missing something)

Yeah, I agree, it was an easy password to just guess, but that's not the point. After some time, the guy says, "Is that a help button on the keypad?" and then you start an adventure. In hindsight, I probably should've made the number more complex, but then again, it fuels a joke later on in the story, so idk.

I hit a random button on my keyboard by accident and restarted the whole game, the 4th wall breaks don't really make it funny, they just annoying

I see, I forgot to remove restarting with R. Sorry about that. But as for 4th wall breaks, it's really more personal opinion. Some people evidently found it funny.


A very unique experience... After this, I will never forget the password for everything 😅