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what do you mean that you can see zacs password the whole time

It's scraped onto the panel in the bottom-right corner.


*spoiler* warning just in case..

Start game, guy says "it must start with a 6", get correct answer, game closes. :/ - could have chosen a more complex pin lol (or am I missing something)

Yeah, I agree, it was an easy password to just guess, but that's not the point. After some time, the guy says, "Is that a help button on the keypad?" and then you start an adventure. In hindsight, I probably should've made the number more complex, but then again, it fuels a joke later on in the story, so idk.

I hit a random button on my keyboard by accident and restarted the whole game, the 4th wall breaks don't really make it funny, they just annoying

I see, I forgot to remove restarting with R. Sorry about that. But as for 4th wall breaks, it's really more personal opinion. Some people evidently found it funny.


A very unique experience... After this, I will never forget the password for everything 😅