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Welcome to SwiftBlock 3310! This is basically a qop clone - press a key to move in that direction until you hit a wall (or slime). Try to get to the finish... but you can kill yourself to make a block to stand on! You can also warp from the left to the right side, vice versa, and up and down. Be careful, though, because there's a limit to the amount of dead bodies you can leave!


↑ | W | Numpad 8 - Move up
↓ | S | Numpad 2 - Move down
← | A | Numpad 4 - Move left
→ | D | Numpad 6 - Move right
(Yes, I know that on the Nokia 2 was up and 8 was down, but I wanted to make it more intuitive for PC)

Spacebar | Enter | Numpad 5 - Turn into a block
If you try to turn into a block while moving, you die without becoming a block and respawn.

Escape | Numpad 0 - Pause game
R | Numpad '*' - Restart level
Backspace | Q | Numpad '/' - Quit to menu / Quit game (while in menu)


Made by 89o
Sound effects compiled by Trix
4x4 font by Groszak
Made for the 2nd Nokia 3310 Jam


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nokia3310.zip 2 MB


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The level is designed well and thanks for sharing the video! If it was on nokia I'm sure it would be a hit game! I like the idea to turn into a block and the idea you can get out of the screen. Very interesting game!